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The Best Way to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer…


DEX recently re-imagined the front yard and back yard for a growing family in Mar Vista.  To extend the living space in a formerly dark and damp front yard, DEX added a series of staggered concrete pavers, a fire pit, and a half-height wall with an open cut-out into the space.  DEX also designed a new front gate made of redwood slats to tie the new elements together.  For the backyard, DEX designed a multi-level deck system that includes tiered seating, a built-in table, concealed storage, and a firepit.  The deck also houses a hot tub next to the built-in seating area, so the owners have a variety of ways to use the small space.  To round out the back, DEX created a BBQ area, featuring a poured-in-place concrete counter and redwood slat cabinets below, as well as a custom wood fence that varies in depth to break up the length stretch of the property.  As the summer starts to wan, you can be sure that we will be catching that last few long days of sunshine here!

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