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Momma always said, “Don’t Be a Badmaash!”

BOOMSHAKALAKA is right!  Another DEX project is under construction in Downtown LA.  For our latest project, DEX teamed up with father and son, Pawan and Nakul Mahendro, on Badmaash, an inventive and colorful Indian gastropub.  According to Nakul, “Badmaash” is a common Hindi word that translates to “Badass” in English.  Based on the restaurant’s interpretation, there won’t be anything lost in the playful attitude.  

Badmaash’s menu will center on presenting traditional Indian meals and street fare in a mainstream way.  The kitchen will also expand beyond standard Indian ingredients by sourcing produce locally.  So, don’t be surprised to find items that may not be conventionally thought of as “Indian” on the changing menu.  Overall, Nakul says, “We are just having fun with Indian food and flavors.  It’s something
that is so taboo, and intimidating to diners – and I just want to
showcase Indian food the way I know it (as a 2nd generation
Indo-American)…We’re going to give our guests Indian food without all of that
intimidation. Its all gone: over spicing, heavy garlic and onion, Indian
jargon on the menu… I can’t even pronounce Sabzi Malahi Mehti
properly!! … But I love to eat it!”

Expect a similar feel from DEX’s design, which combines old-world Indian glamour with a modern, textured feel.

Proposed restaurant signage.

Enjoy additional renderings of the space here:

Badmaash will be located on the same block as Edison, Pitfire Pizza, and Groundworks Coffee.

And follow the team as they post diligently here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BadmaashLA
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BadmaashLA (@BadmaashLA)
Instagram: @BadmaashLA

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