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GO, Eat at Badmaash!


View of color wall under construction.
View of metal arms projecting from color wall.
View of light fixture suspended from color wall arms.
DEX’s newest restaurant, Badmaash, is set to open in Downtown LA in just a few short weeks!  The Indian gastropub, run by father and son team, Pawan and Nakul Mahendro, will feature a unique focal point–a DEX-designed three-story high wall composed of boldly-colored steel and wood stripes.  The painted strips of material unravel as you travel from story to story, with ribbons of colors spreading out into arms that support hanging light fixtures.  The feature also extends to the exterior signage, which pierces through the building and is visible from all vantage points of the restaurant.  The color wall becomes the unifying element for the multi-level space because regardless of where you dine, the wall connects you to the larger context of the restaurant.  On the cultural side of things, the bright colors found in the stripes reflect hues common to traditional Indian elements like saris, spices, and mandalas.  However, much like the Mahendro’s take on their playful Indian menu, DEX has reinterpreted the colors in a quirky and modern way to give diners an LA twist on Indian fare.  Enjoy these photos of the color wall under construction, and check back for opening day photos as well!
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