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SugarFISH La Brea under Construction in Mid-City

Framing for ceiling and walls is complete.
Having completed six other SugarFISH locations, DEX is pushing forward with the group’s seventh location, set to open this January on La Brea Boulevard between 1st and 2nd Street.  In this location, SugarFISH will be part of a 90,000 SF adaptive re-use project that has already made the area a major draw for fashion and design-oriented clientele.  With neighbors including A + R, Judith Bright, Kelly Cole, Garrett Leight, Steven Alan, and What Goes Around Comes Around,  SugarFISH will be able to feed hungry shoppers in a distinctive environment that plays off the building’s masonry walls and high ceilings.
Check back for the opening date and final photos!
  • Palms Blvd. Sneak Peak

    If you have driven down Palms Boulevard in West LA lately, you may have noticed a multi-unit residential project under construction between Glendon and Kelton.  The final colors are bold and the units are striking, but before we reveal the final photos, here is a preliminary sketch showing off the facade’s clean, modern lines.


  • Congratulations to Zagat Winners: Melisse and SugarFISH


    DEX would like to take a moment to congratulate Melisse and SugarFISH!  Both were named in the Zagat’s 2014 Los Angeles Restaurant Survey.  Angelenos voted DEX-designed Melisse as the winner of “Top Service in LA” describing chef Josiah Citrine’s service as “impeccable.”

    Local restaurant-goers also voted in SugarFISH
    as “Most Popular in LA”.  With DEX-crafted locations stretching from
    the West Side to Downtown, the restaurant has been able to share Chef
    Nozawa’s “Trust Me” menu across the City.

    Congrats to both!

  • The Best Way to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer…


    DEX recently re-imagined the front yard and back yard for a growing family in Mar Vista.  To extend the living space in a formerly dark and damp front yard, DEX added a series of staggered concrete pavers, a fire pit, and a half-height wall with an open cut-out into the space.  DEX also designed a new front gate made of redwood slats to tie the new elements together.  For the backyard, DEX designed a multi-level deck system that includes tiered seating, a built-in table, concealed storage, and a firepit.  The deck also houses a hot tub next to the built-in seating area, so the owners have a variety of ways to use the small space.  To round out the back, DEX created a BBQ area, featuring a poured-in-place concrete counter and redwood slat cabinets below, as well as a custom wood fence that varies in depth to break up the length stretch of the property.  As the summer starts to wan, you can be sure that we will be catching that last few long days of sunshine here!

  • Precision Development: Final Photos Revealed

    When the team at Precision Development outgrew their former offices, they looked to DEX Studio to make the most of their new space in Hermosa Beach.  After gutting the restaurant that previously occupied the space, DEX worked with the owners and landlord to create a solution that could house private offices, a bullpen space for programmers, a comfortable reception, an expandable conference room, and various hang-out spaces.  By using common materials in innovative ways, like cork flooring FLOR tiles and re-using items from their previous office, DEX created a budget that left enough room for mid-century furnishings and custom-designed furniture like the conference table, office desks, and casual meet-up tabletops.
  • Have You Been to Calabasas Lately?



    If so, you may have noticed the latest SugarFISH that DEX designed!  Local residents have been enjoying Chef Nozawa’s sushi at The Commons for months, and now you can see final shots of the space here.  A steeply angled wood slat ceiling and oversized wall tiles define the quintessentially SugarFISH space.
  • Final Photos of SugarFISH Beverly Hills Revealed!

    DEX’s fifth SugarFISH restaurant is complete!  The latest
    location is on North
    Canon Drive across the street from Bouchon and the Montage in Beverly
    Hills.  This Beverly Hills location features two unique elements that set it apart from
    any other SugarFISH experience.  One element is the Nozawa Bar, a private dining room that houses a “ten-seat sushi-bar experience…that serves the very best tradition-based
    omakase sushi meal.  The other element is an outdoor waiting area with a full-service bar, allowing guests to mingle and relax before being seated.

    For this space, DEX designed a series of hand-crafted wooden ceiling
    and wall features that run throughout the dining area and down the hallway.  DEX kept the material palette warm and clean with rich caramel tones and woods ranging from douglas fir to oak.  Enjoy these final photos and be on the look-out for DEX’s next SugarFISH’s next location at The Commons in Calabasas.

  • Pono Burger Opens in Santa Monica

    DEX’s newest Santa Monica restaurant, Pono Burger, is officially open!  With the main dining area housed inside an historic Quonset Hut and the ordering counter inside the adjacent building, DEX enjoyed having two separate spaces to work inside.

    For the dining area inside the Quonset Hut, DEX wanted to use the history of the quonset huts, which were built to be affordable and utilitarian, as the cornerstone of its modest palette.  Inside the Hut, seating is divided into two zones, one zone is composed of built-in banquettes to offer a more structured and standard dining experience, while the other zone is made of loose, informal seating that is lounge-like and casual.  The overall feel of space has a residential level of comfort, but includes unexpected pops of color and design elements.  The material palette includes galvanized and powdercoated metal, walnut, burlap ceiling panels, and painted and upholstered elements in varying shades of gray-greens and gray-blues.

    Inside the adjacent building, which contains the Ordering Counter, DEX brought in rustic and industrial elements like heavy timber beams, butcherblock countertops, and a metal shroud around the cooking hoods to merge the newly constructed space with the Quonset Hut.  To reinforce Pono’s farm-to-table concept, DEX designed a non-linear working kitchen to bring customers as close to their food as possible.  DEX also designed a wood totem feature that showcases daily specials and houses stacked logs.  The display reinforces the idea that wood is a finite resource because throughout the day the wood pile grows smaller and smaller as the cooks pull logs out to keep the grill going

    Enjoy a sneak peak of final photos to come!

  • Badmassh by the Bullet (Points)




    DEX Facts on Badmaash:

    • Housed inside the historic Higgins Building at 2nd and Main, across the
      street from Downtown’s new police station and dog park
    •  2000 square foot space
    •  Restaurant has 3 stories, kitchen at the lowest grade, main dining at street level and
      additional dining at mezzanine/loft level
    •  Badmaash is DEX’s second restaurant in Downtown (1st was SugarFISH at 7th and Grant) and DEX’s first Indian restaurant

     Design Concept:

    •  With the Mahendros, DEX sought to peel back layers of what Indian restaurants mean in LA
      and around the country…through the design DEX looked to create space that is
      approachable and modern, but still maintains cultural integrity and relevance
    • Much of the design process happened through conversation with the family about memories of growing up and living in India
    • The tradition of Badmaash’s sense of approachability stems from Irani cafés in India
      • Irani Cafes are “known for good, honest, reasonably priced food and beverages…By welcoming everyone, the Irani cafés created a micro environment that was classless and casteless.”-from http://zoroastrianheritage.blogspot.com/2011/07/irani-cafes-disappearing-heritage.html

    Design Features:

    •  Focal Point:  3-story high feature wall composed of boldly-colored steel and wood stripes
    •  Feature wall celebrates color found in traditional elements like saris, spices, mandalas, etc
    • Wall unravels as you travel up, with ribbons of colors spreading out into arms that
      support light fixtures
    • Feature extends to exterior signage, which pierces through the building and is
      visible from all vantage points of the restaurant
    •  Bentwood chairs and stools, tables with marble tops to give the space a casual Bombay café feel
    • Built-in seating on mezzanine and dining levels feature bold color-blocked upholstery with
      button tuffs and spindle wood-block legs
  • Badmaash Opens in Downtown LA!

    DEX-designed Badmaash is officially open!!  Your palette will be absolutely
    tickled by the Indian fusion flavours on the Mahendro’s menu,
    so pick your seat (alongside our boldly colored feature wall) now…because as the restaurant’s popularity skyrockets there may not be any left!

    The Mahendro Men of Badmaash: Nakul, Pawan, and Arjun
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