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Hudson Loft Building Event

Last night we held the grand opening party for Frame Hollywood.  The building was opened to guest who enjoyed cocktails and food from LA’s popular Badmaash Indian restaurant.  We had a surprise visit from David Flores, who signed his Coy mural.

View of the Hollywood building from street.

Artist Robert Standish’s orbs with views from the roof deck, beyond.

David Flores siding his Coy mural.

The illuminated Lobby.

  • Charcoal Hosts Hard Hat Media Preview Party featured in LA Magazine



    With anticipation building for Charcoal, Chef Josiah Citrin’s casual, fire-fueled restaurant, DEX was honored to be a part of a preview for an intimate group of media professionals.  DEX’s principal, Glen Bell, gave a brief lecture on the space, presented renderings, and reviewed floor plans with local journals while Citrin presented a selection of wines and tartares that will be found on the restaurant’s menu.  Keep checking back the Fall opening date approaches!


    Here is another LA Times article featuring Charcoal:


  • Under Construction in Hollywood!

    Hudson Render


    IMG_6124 (1)
    DEX has teamed up with RD Green Development to design their five-story residential project, Hudson Lofts.  Framing is under way as continue to push toward the Fall 2016 opening date.  Check back for updates as progress continues!
  • DEX’s Spring Break Blind Date…with LAUREN PARCEL

    Join us in getting to know Lauren Parcel!  She joined us at the office during a crazy week filled with packing for our office move, jobsite visits across S. CA, and starting a new, very hush-hush restaurant project!  Her visit was part of the Spring Break Blind Date program at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where architecture students spend the week getting to know what life might be life after school.

    1)  Tell us a little bit about yourself and what lead you to pursue a degree in architecture. 

    I am a fifth-year architecture student at Cal Poly, and am about to graduate in June! have always enjoyed design — from fashion and graphics to products and interiors, and eventually I decided that architecture could be a good fit, as sort of an all-encompassing study of design. I attended the Cal Poly summer program after junior year of high school, and was completely sold. I’m still loving my choice!

    2)  What type of projects do you gravitate toward and what inspires your work?

    Before I took an interest in Architecture I thought about being a chef. Somewhere along the way I realized that I was more interested in the design of restaurants and eating spaces than the specifics of the food itself (I mostly just like to eat the food). I have continued to find inspiration in the relationship between architecture and the ritual of eating, however, and constantly notice elements of taste sneaking their way into my projects. For my thesis I am finally getting the opportunity to design a full restaurant!

    3)  What project (inside or outside of the classroom) are you most proud of working on?

    I am particularly proud of the coffee table that I made for a school-wide furniture competition last Fall. I found an old access door and used it as a table top that opens to reveal a simple hors d’oeuvres setting. It feels great to have physical evidence of your work, and I think that’s why I found this project so satisfying.

    4)   You spent the week with us at DEX Studio and living in Venice.  How did you find us and/or what caught your eye about our work?

    One of the reasons I was so excited about DEX was for your restaurant work. I stumbled across one of the SugarFISH projects while searching the web for thesis inspiration, and was enamored with it’s warm yet contemporary atmosphere. I love the way all of your projects encapsulate that contrast of simple yet detailed and modern yet inviting. It is something I strive for in my work, and DEX does it just beautifully.

    5)  What were your impressions of Venice and spending time on Abbot Kinney?

    At first I was definitely a little intimidated by the “glamour” of L.A. and nonchalant Venice attitude. (I unknowingly found myself at the Whole foods on a warm Sunday night at 9 p.m.) But I quickly grew to enjoy its charm and loved being able to stroll down Abbot Kinney for coffee, half-sandwiches, and window gawking. The community felt surprisingly tight-knit: I ran into the same person three times within the first two days!

    6)  With graduation inching closer ahead, where do you see yourself in the future?  What type of design would you like to pursue?

    I am constantly changing my mind about exactly what I want to do and where I want to be, but I am determined to move forward with architecture. I am mostly interested in small-scale projects such as custom homes, restaurants, and retail/commercial, but I’m also intrigued by installations, interior design and real estate development. I recently took a trip to New York with my studio class, and am thinking about making a big move out there. It’s a very hectic yet exciting time for me.

    7)  Looking around current projects being built and commissioned, what do you think your “dream” project would be and why?

    My absolute dream has always been to design AND own restaurants — the idea of being your own client seems almost too good to be true. Seeing as that requires quite a lot of resources and expertise, however, I’m mostly interested in gathering knowledge and experience in the foreseeable future. Another (potentially more realistic) dream would be to design my own house!

  • SugarFISH La Brea Opened in January…

    Can you believe this is DEX’s seventh SugarFISH restaurant in just 5 years?
    You can find the latest location in Mid-City at 101
    South La Brea Avenue.  Like DEX’s past SugarFISH locations, the La Brea space shares the same warm, hand-crafted atmosphere that has become the chainlet’s signature feel.  To open up the small dining area, DEX designed the ceiling to utilize the overall height as fully as possible by running ceiling planks at in variety of directions and angles.  DEX chose to keep an existing brick wall from the original space and added an additional feature brick behind the dining bar to enhance the feel.
    Enjoy these final photos and be sure to check out the restaurant’s neighbors, which include Judith Bright, Kelly Cole, Steven Alan, and What Goes Around Comes Around.
  • Adios Abbot Kinney!

     DEX is on the move!  After many great years on Abbot Kinney,
    we’ve found a new home a touch closer to the beach on Pacific
    Avenue.  The boxes are (almost) packed, the movers are scheduled, and
    look out, we get to design a new space of our very own!  We look forward
    to welcoming everyone to our the new studio beginning this April.
  • Spread the DEX Cheer in 2014!

    To kick-off the New Year, see how many of the DEX-designed spaces you can name!
    From Downtown LA’s Badmaash, Santa Monica’s Pono Burger, and two SugarFISHES (in Beverly Hills and the Commons) in between, you can eat your way through our year’s work!  When you’ve had our fill, stop by Precision Development in Hermosa Beach or one of the many residential projects we completed in West LA!
    See how well you did with our answer key below:

    2013 has been a great year for the office and we thank you all for your continued support.

    Be sure to be on the look-out for several projects opening in early 2014!  We have another SugarFISH under construction on La Brea, an exciting new restaurant/market concept with Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts near completion in Playa del Rey, and a multi-unit residential project set to open in late winter on Palms.

  • SugarFISH La Brea under Construction in Mid-City

    Framing for ceiling and walls is complete.
    Having completed six other SugarFISH locations, DEX is pushing forward with the group’s seventh location, set to open this January on La Brea Boulevard between 1st and 2nd Street.  In this location, SugarFISH will be part of a 90,000 SF adaptive re-use project that has already made the area a major draw for fashion and design-oriented clientele.  With neighbors including A + R, Judith Bright, Kelly Cole, Garrett Leight, Steven Alan, and What Goes Around Comes Around,  SugarFISH will be able to feed hungry shoppers in a distinctive environment that plays off the building’s masonry walls and high ceilings.
    Check back for the opening date and final photos!
  • Palms Blvd. Sneak Peak

    If you have driven down Palms Boulevard in West LA lately, you may have noticed a multi-unit residential project under construction between Glendon and Kelton.  The final colors are bold and the units are striking, but before we reveal the final photos, here is a preliminary sketch showing off the facade’s clean, modern lines.


  • Congratulations to Zagat Winners: Melisse and SugarFISH


    DEX would like to take a moment to congratulate Melisse and SugarFISH!  Both were named in the Zagat’s 2014 Los Angeles Restaurant Survey.  Angelenos voted DEX-designed Melisse as the winner of “Top Service in LA” describing chef Josiah Citrine’s service as “impeccable.”

    Local restaurant-goers also voted in SugarFISH
    as “Most Popular in LA”.  With DEX-crafted locations stretching from
    the West Side to Downtown, the restaurant has been able to share Chef
    Nozawa’s “Trust Me” menu across the City.

    Congrats to both!

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