Hickory Dickory. Deli in Process

Driving down Pacific Avenue, Venice? Be sure to take a peep at Crosswalk Deli, currently under construction.



  • Breaking Bad (maash)


    The second Badmaash restaurant for Dex, expanding from Downtown LA to mid city. The 1,400 square foot Indian haven blends the unexpected with familiar in its ambitious reach for a transcendent patron experience.



    Bands of color form a motif on the kitchen wall reminiscent of the Indian sari. The bands start to unravel throughout the space, where they support a light fixture from above.

  • Matteson Building Event

    DEX Studio is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Frame’s latest development: the Frame Venice Loft building, the fourth collaboration between DEX and Frame, having completed the Frame Hollywood Loft building earlier this year.

    The building was opened to guests who enjoyed carefully selected wines and beers from local, Stanley’s Wet Good


    Guests were also able to enjoy to the sunset from the rooftop and panoramic views of Venice.


    Principle architect Glen Bell, sharing his vision and intent of design with guests.



  • Frame Venice Construction

    Frame’s Venice Lofts building is nearing completion. Landscaping is finishing, and unit finishes are being installed. The building will boast a roof deck and lounge with views of the treetops towards the ocean.

    Entry view of the gate and railing details.

    Street view of the loft units with undulating wall openings.

    Cedar clad steel and concrete lobby entry.

  • Hudson Loft Building Event

    Last night we held the grand opening party for Frame Hollywood.  The building was opened to guest who enjoyed cocktails and food from LA’s popular Badmaash Indian restaurant.  We had a surprise visit from David Flores, who signed his Coy mural.

    View of the Hollywood building from street.

    Artist Robert Standish’s orbs with views from the roof deck, beyond.

    David Flores siding his Coy mural.

    The illuminated Lobby.

  • Rosewood Construction and Finishes

    The Rosewood Residence is in its last phase of construction.  Exterior flat work, milled finishes are being installed.  It is getting exciting to see each new element.  Soon, we will be showing off the final product.

    The rear facade sun screen/railing is set for fit and finish.

    The driveway and entry sidewalk are poured.  Electrical and landscaping is next.

    The interior feature wall is ready for its final finish.

    Exterior deck framing and BBQ is underway.

  • Rose Residence for a Fun Loving Family

    We recently completed a small renovation for a client.  The addition included revamping the master bed and bathroom that connected to the outdoors.  A bright palette was employed along with natural materials to reflect the client’s quirky personality.  At a recent BBQ at the house, we got a glimpse into how the design improved their home.

    The ceiling of the Master Bedroom was vaulted to add volume in this modest addition.


    Wall cabinets create a buffer to the adjacent bathroom.

    Wood, Brass and Cement tiles brighten up the Master Bath.

  • Rosewood Residence Breaks Ground

    Construction has begun on our latest Mar Vista residence.  Seated in a quiet cul-de-sac, this will be home for the family who has chosen to stay in the neighborhood they love so much.  We are please to see the number of our clients who are electing to build and stay in their communities.

    Rendering of Street View

    Rendering of Street View

    Digging the foundation.


  • DEX + Dwell = LA Home Tours 2016

    We are pleased to be a part of Dwell’s home tours this year. The always-popular Dwell Home Tour takes place over three days and will allow attendees to explore the pages of the magazine. Dwell Home Tours allow design seekers to immerse themselves dwellhometoursin “Dwell-like” domestic spaces.

    DEX Studio designed the Keeshen property to highlight warm, modern design with indoor-outdoor living for a small family with Midwestern roots. To accomplish this, DEX re-oriented the overall layout and added a second story to the original non-descript, single-story home. Using the firm’s signature visual language of texture and natural materials, the home has open, but idiosyncratic feel that stimulates the senses.


  • Long Anticipated CHARCOAL Venice is Now Open!



    CONGRATS to distinguished Chef Josiah Citrin on his latest Dex Designed Los Angeles-based restaurant, Charcoal Venice, located at 425 Washington Boulevard.

    Citrin’s Vision

    Citrin has a history with DEX that reaches back to 2008 when the studio took on the high-stakes remodel of Citrin’s most well-known (and Michelin 2 Star Award winning) restaurant, Melisse, in Santa Monica.  Working to give the traditional restaurant a fresh, modern feel, Melisse remains one the consistently high-ranking restaurants in Southern California.  As Citrin began to conceptualize next restaurant in 2013, he sought a strong departure from the classical leanings of French cuisine in favor of a more casual dining experience elevated by open-fire cooking.  Citrin brought DEX’s principle, Glen Bell, into the process early on so he could fully vet the design and dining experience before construction began.

    DEX’s Approach:

    Inspired by the elevated, but everyday offerings on the menu, DEX jumped at the opportunity to craft an experience in 3400 square foot space that is both refined and comfortable.  This sort of honesty in design translates into all levels of the restaurant, starting with the overall openness of the kitchen, bar, and dining areas and carrying through to the smallest of the details, some of which are so unassuming that may only register on a subconscious level as part of the experience.

    When guests first walk into the restaurant, the immediately notice that DEX strategically laid out the space so that no mater where the diners are seated–be it the bar, communal table, booths, or free-standing dining tables–they have a view directly into the inner workings of the Kitchen.  This casual atmosphere creates a direct connection to the food and makes the entire space like one giant and very approachable chef’s table.

    Noteworthy Design Features Include:

    -A saw-tooth ceiling (inspired by flame tamers on a  grill) opens the space up and allows direct views into the Bar and Kitchen area.  The ceiling is clad in acoustic material painted in a gradated effect that opens in bright and warm white (like charcoal itself when lit) and terminates in a deep, rich Bordeaux color that makes the space feel cozy and intimate.

    -The dominant material palette consists of polished and ground concrete, brass and iron in metal applications, hearty woods like hickory, oak, and walnut in millwork, and porcelain and ceramic tile in natural glazes.

    -A strong visual texture is created by combination of materials, most notable notably at the Bar, which showcases an offset grid pattern of tile mixed with walnut shelves framed by iron rod supports.

    -DEX designed custom light fixtures in iron and brass that feature flexible, swing arm lamps.  The lights were fabricated by from One Forty-Three.

    -DEX designed custom walnut tabletops that feature individually routed patterns inspired by abstracted grill marks.

    -Furniture includes softer touches like the LaClasica dining chairs in black to ground the space and tan upholstered booth seating to add warmth.

    -The bathrooms showcase a graphic tile pattern, angled walls, large mirror, and LED-accent lighting that create an M.C. Escher-like effect.

    -There is an abundance of visual texture, but in each instance that texture maintains a tailored finish and feel (examples include polished concrete floors that still show aggregate, wood counter and tabletops with deep cathedraling that remains soft and smooth to the touch).

    Lasting Impressions:

    Charcoal’s overall design is meant to compliment Citrin’s food, and not overshadow it.  With a refined and honest approach to the space, the hope is that whether guests notice each element or simply enjoy the experience as a whole, they will leave ready to return.

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